Master OTW For this tutorial would it be wise for me to disconnect myself from the internet before attempting it? You make an excellent point there. Ronello 7 years ago. It is very useful when searching for laptops that are too new to be in any search engine results. Thanks for all the images, charts, and details. Sebastian; I don’t see how a Facebook page would get you a faster response. Lesser known feature of aircrack-ng:

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We’ll use each of these in nearly every Wi-Fi hack. Some stuff work and some stuff doesn’t. September 01,aigodump A to monitor mode but after I use airodump-ng wlan0mon I don’t get anything except a terminal showing only bssid and other stuff but no clients can you plz give me a solution I desperately need a answer Newer Post Older Post Home.

Is there any tools or web services are available for visualization? Awfully sorry for bothering you this much, but what does the Probe column represent?

This is my first time ever trying aircrack-ng. If yes, would you be able to make it compilable on Kali 2. In some cases, they may support monitor mode but there could be caveats – Staging driver: After some research I guess this chipset isn’t compatible to aricrack-ng?? So I didn’t manage packet injection to work on 5 GHz on the Intel nics. And it doesn’t look that bright, kernel devs don’t seem very interested in having such USB adapter supported mac anytime soon.


The ones I tried are: C8 on channel -1 Would it still work if I were to use a wireless connection?

I couldn’t observe any certain difference in the console terminals. It’s particularly useful in password cracking. Both the processes seemed same to me. Generally, network cards will only receive packets intended for them as determined by the MAC address of the NICbut with airmon-ng, it will wirodump all wireless traffic intended for us or not.

Thank you so much, You will be seeing me more often now. But now I’m facing some problems.

compatibility_drivers [Aircrack-ng]

I have several tutorials on Null Byte on how to install and use it. You can use it without kill any process, but if you encounter any try to kill them.

It can be fixed. Jimmy 5 years ago. Below is a screenshot of when I type iwconfig and airmon-ng start wlan0. If you don’t put the wlan into mon mode, you will be limited in what packets you can pick up and send. Strange though that it looks like injection is working in airodump-ng and Wireshark, while on another machine I didn’t see any activity in airodump and wireshark.


Also, the command requires the start command with the name of the interface. Aircrack-ng tools can be used with it as long as it is in monitor mode but putting it in monitor mode is done in an usual way check out the README.

It always iwconfig lo no wireless extensions. Ritesh Rajbanshi 2 years ago. At mw they work great for packet injection or as a simple wireless adapter. At one point I had an rtl chip working great, but I just bought another and it will not go into monitor mode at all now that I installed the cu driver. I’ve attached a screenshot when I’m using this command below: There are many, many manufacturers beyond the examples give here.