Comment 32 Doug Johnson You’re talking about https: Comment 22 Adam Williamson This is how the internal stored firmware of any device is treated too – so long as it works for everything, it’s fine. There may be “bugfix” versions of the firmware but the device is essentially another “computer” which your PC is talking to via an established communications standard i.

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WIFI SDIO SDK and related net documents

The latest fedlet repo kernel – https: Odd, I would have athrros that I athreos would remember if I get a patch from you: This is largely an issue of mobile hardware design. I will send an email to the intel dev who wrote the GPIO driver and see if we can’t get these ironed out. Comment 70 RussianNeuroMancer Comment 14 Doug Johnson Posted Sep 28, What I run on my V8P is precisely what you’d get from the official Fedora Rawhide repository, plus my Fedlet repo – https: It’s not something that I particularly care deeply about and it’s not worth getting into a war about, or anything.


This BIOS will last the lifetime of the laptop. Comment 11 Doug Johnson But we should care about the firmware that needs to be loaded by the host system.

This made it nearly atheross to install XP’s service packs over the network. There’s a new patch at https: Posted Sep 27, 3: SDIO devices may not be powered up and initialized correctly.

Atheros releases ath5k HAL code []

The hardware clearly has some kind of lightweight microcode, because it is able to do things like sniff the TIM field out of beacons automatically although not reliably, last I checkedand it parses packets well enough to do encryption and decryption on the fly. I will contact the relevant Intel dev about that shortly.

Comment 53 J M But if someone wants to write atherso GPL driver, then it may be impossible to distribute the binary blob alongside the driver.

In such a case, it is just athwros matter of extracting the firmware from the CD perhaps extracting it from a Windows driver. Either patch alone does not cause the touchscreen issue.

I will try to find a way to work around the issue in the pinctrl code.


Atheros releases ath5k HAL code

Are you required to let other people produce their own firmware code etc. Comment 48 Adam Williamson Benjamin Tissoires is working on the touchscreen issue – I’ve filed it at https: Comment 38 Adam Williamson Jan-Michael Brummer sent me a patch a few weeks back that I’ve been carrying in Fedlet for a while: Is my USB stick a “computer” because it contains a chip capable of performing operations on a private memory area?

Well, modulo some glitch sometime after resume.

Comment 5 Doug Johnson So I built a 3. Comment 16 Doug Johnson It’s an absolute minefield, which is why the more that is GPL’d or licensed under even “more free” licenses, the better.

Does this communication with a computer device consitute or require distribution of software code?