Besides world peace, of course. Definitely a good deal Enjoy the keyboard -. Not Kurzweil great, but it’s better than many of the piano patches that come with sample-playback synths, and it’s usable as a solo voice. The display now says “GM Mode”. I have to keep reminding myself that this keyboard is not intended for the pro market, and things like this zinger make that all too clear. PM me if you can’t find them online and are interested.

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The is cheaper than getting another synth, I personally don’t need another synth, and it’s small and light which is good. I’d have to agree with you. The excellent Roland DP-6 sustain pedal won’t work with this board.

Casio Wk – decent enough? | Harmony Central

It’s fun to play around with, sounds good, and is a fairly simple introduction mici the world of electronic music-making. If I can put the time into it, I will definitely end up looking for something better; I am liking the Yamaha S or S when they are cheaper in a few years thoughts on that?

Even as a rank amateur, I assume you have some pride in your music. The wi-1800, clunky monitor amp can sometimes stay at home. So I sought out my local keyboard dealer, found the WK model with the disk drive, and after running it through it’s paces for a few more hours, knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas.


It’s fairly small and light and it’s got lots of assignable knobs. Dreadbox Teases Time Effects Caiso. Main thing that bothers me about my WK from a few years ago is that synth leads can’t be set to mono, at least as far as I know. Not a big deal once you get the interface under your fingers. There may be the odd user generated file, to be found here and there, in the darkest corners of long defunct and forgotten forums, but I would not have the slightest idea where to tell you to begin looking.

Sign in Already have an account? Alright, nobody reads them, who cares as long as there are support and user sites. The low budget approach is in keeping with my studio philosophy – I keep an eye out for the bargains.

WK – Past Models – High-Grade Keyboards – Electronic Musical Instruments – CASIO

Not to mention the cheap keybed or only one or two sounds per “instrument. Many of the factory patches and above are very good. With local on, the casio will respond to both midi and the keyboard.

The keys are pressed and depress as they should, and the don’t seem to hang when using the keyboard as a standalone synth with no connections. Since they are pointed up and angled slightly toward the player, volume complaints from people seated too near the line of speaker fire are eliminated. But is there something else I’m missing? The grandpiano patch, while not Kurzweil great, is very usable as a solo voice, and layers well with the other kids on the soundblock. If he felt comfortable buying the Crassio, he would have just gotten it I found 1 review, not too helpful I think though Who is online Users browsing this forum: Its WK-3XXX successors, and their CTK siblings, introduced new sound and rhythm engines with enough difference to prevent the sharing of files between the two model lines.


It is a better keyboard to learn on than the “pro” keyboards.

Casio Wk-1800 – decent enough?

It was precisely w-k1800 lack of patch and effects editing features that drove me on BUT he’s not a year-old rank amateur Come back with more ideas, and I’d be happy to yea or nay them The organs, in particular, sound very good, and are among the most useful presets onboard. Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 bit.

Now I’m wondering what I am doing wrong. I’m a rank amateur, looks like I found a deal on this.