We used Dexron III for several years. Only use distilled water, which contains no salts or minerals. Sorry, I’m a transmission mechanic and ya’ll are sounding like backyard mechanics when I know your not! It’s just our way of going thru the ups and down of all the options PS-you lost me on the Martha thing-I haven’t watched for a long time, is she doing transmission repair now?

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Didn’t work for me. Toggle navigation Toggle search. And just because it is in there does not mean it is the right stuff so if in doubt drain it all and refill with the recommended fluid and dispose of the old fluid at your local recycling centre or befriend a mechanic who will tip it into their waste oil bin unless they do the task for you…. dexteon

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Fluids in Your Car?

Start vehicle shift through gears the turn off check within 30 seconds around 2. Thought maybe I better reclarify before I go and destroy it. But, of corse thats all on U, and ya warrantee ends when ya unscrew tha top!!: I used tranny oil for years in my power steering pump for years with no ill effects as i had a small leak somewhere in the system.

As far as I am aware, the OEM fluids are far superior. You dismissed this ad. Depending on the quantity of gasoline that’s added to xextron diesel vehicle’s tank, it could do little harm or it could damage the fuel pump, injectors, and other parts.


How do I change a power steering pump?

Can DEXRON III ATF be used in Power/S resevoir? (Honda Civic EK) [Archive] – Ozhonda Forums

Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? My mech has strictly told me to only use Honda fluid for the power steering because the others can damage seals. I use non detergent 30 weight oil in my tilt and trim without problems, change it every three years. The transmission and the power steering system are two seperate systems.

Didn’t know if the two would mix. Effects of Using the Wrong Automotive Lubricant. The over the top price of sea star oil and the no warranty reasons are just smoke and mirrors to justify the price. Probably had her tranny repaired by one of the associates that had seniority. It seems like the hydraulic oil used for the suspension on old Citroen cars would work as well.

If you do a search, you’ll find the mil spec, oil the operations guy knew exactly what I was talking about. Power steering pumps are not supposed to leak.

GM and Fords it’s usually OK. Many power-steering systems use Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF – usually a red colour with a distinctive smell that is like sweet acid – but this is quite different in composition to Transmission Fluid such as EP80 – usually a transparent caramel colour that smells like cat urine – and the two oils should not be mixed unless its an absolute emergency as using the wrong oil in a high enough quantity will likely deteriorate the components within the system more ljl than usual and may cause a catastrophic failure or some kind.


That depends on the car. Also, if you are losing fluid, it is far better to fix the problem by replacing the worn seals than to risk running out of fluid and burning up your pump.

Go for it-those old trannies are cheap at the junk yard. It depends on the age of thr car, and how much you care. A good friend of mine told me that he also uses automatic transmission fluid in his hydraulic steering system. Did you know your driving history is public? Wet should refer to just a drain and refill, and dry being after a pull down and rebuild. The friction modifiers help control heat build up as the pump and valves operate hydraulic systems make a lot of heat without being next to an internal combustion engine.

Your Power steering system is a hydraulic system.

The operations manager was willing to sell me the fluid, but he only had it in 55 gallon drums, so I had to get a clean container of my own. Being it is just hydraulic fluid with a shot of cherry juice to make it red.