Should I try and format the disk before trying anything else? I added the fifteen dollar remote for watching DVDs on the road. I like having all the ports and jacks on the sides… I also like that HP has provided icons on the edges of the keyboard over each of the jacks and ports so you can find them while using the keyboard. Along the left side, starting at the back, we have: My complaints about this computer are really minor issues for me, but they may carry more weight with other users. The performance bottleneck right now is the amount of RAM I have at the moment, the Megs ordered. The Caps Lock and Num Lock lights are right next to their respective keys; a nice touch.

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Next to these lights is the IR port. HP dv front side view view larger image.

HP Pavilion DV4000 Display Card Upgrade.

Unfortunately, I really wanted to pick the computer up by both sides right around the middle of the machine; this results in picking the computer up by the right side of the optical drive bezel.

The dv has a plastic exterior with silver sides and top. HP dv above view view larger image.

If you do come across a driver that works, pease post a link to it here. I needed a notebook and a gaming computer. Everything works properly on my laptop now except for transferring the video from the laptop screen gaphics an external screen, like my TV via the S-Video port. Sound For surfing, streaming video, and the occasional movie, the built-in speakers are fine.


I can get on line almost anywhere free except Starbucks and Barnes and Noble who charge a fee for the service…. HP dv Keyboard view view larger image. Mine has started doing this a lot in the past six months. The unit weighs about 6. The indicator LED lights are a pleasant blue — not too bright.

HP has supplied an OS disc and recovery discs. Along the right side, from the front, we see: I have been even more surprised to have received follow up calls to survey my satisfaction. This battery lifts the back of the computer grapyics and tilts the keyboard at an angle like an old typewriter.

braphics My big complaint in the looks department comes from the helpful labels that cover the keyboard and the surrounding area. Bang for the Buck is a very high value with me. The would be too darned big at that point.

HP Pavilion dv4000 (Pentium M 1.73GHz, ATI X700) Review (pics, specs)

Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. HD Tune benchmark results view larger image. With the upgrade, though, the computer is very useable for rv4000 until I have the spare cash to upgrade to 2 GB. Someone looking for an ultraportable or for a very durable machine should look elsewhere.


HP Pavilion dv Specs – CNET

I read in another thread that the hardware IDs might be helpful. Hope some of these ideas might help. I drooled over the and the I bought the machine through HP Shopping ; I think the only way to go. Didn’t gralhics what you were looking for?

Hp pavilion dvTx graphics card fault –

I suppose it’s starting to show its age. Right now the processor temp is 44c and the HDD 36c. In every instance, HP got on the line quickly, had good answers and went the extra mile with me. I don’t see how that would help though.

I wish there was no flex at all in the area of the optical drive and the lid could be a bit stiffer. HP also includes some proprietary graphids, and I installed those just to see how they worked.