I’m sure they won’t let the same mistake happen again. For real, Chiefs are hugely underrated. I doubt it’s worth continuing this discussion since we both have very different opinions, but I appreciate that you wrote that down nonetheless. How will EG be in terms of confidence by the end of the year? I could be wrong but in my opinion there are a clear top 4 teams in the world: My list is Champs:

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JKnaps didn’t show up and they got swept.

Yeah, I feel that GFE and C9 have hit a level of consistency that has never been seen before in rocket league. Even though fairy peak!

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I don’t have any evidence to back up the claim. Also, jknaps has been playing bad recently. GFE’s weakness is they win a series laan, often times in a sweep. But in the match against EG, jknaps was underperforming and they still got the series.


EL GFE DE BORIS – Summoner Stats – League of Legends

We have yet to see C9 play a decent side, they’ve only played ghost, rogue and lwn. They have a history of giving upsets. U are thinking with your heart my friend. Which turns into fairy peak getting wildly under appreciated, many people will look at the stats and conclude freakii is better or paschy is better because they have more goals per game.

Look back to Dreamhack, when they played Vitality formerly Mock-ItGFE had played half as many games, and Vitality just read each others intentions better because of that. All three players on a team need to be playing well to win against any top tier team. So I can see why they would be lower then most people are thinking.

Everything after them is based gce very little.

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A lot laj factors but going with EG. I think you overestimate the importance of Fairy! Even though freakii got named player of the week, he was still very inconsistent, fairy peak gave him many many chances.

Vitality look great and are also the last team to beat GFE in a tourney. GFE has a history of giving upsets, so if G2 makes it to the finals, they will probably be playing their best, and will win.


Cloud 9 is going to stomp everyone. CLG over G2 is just lzn feeling. I think Mijo is still really good, so you never know. Remkoe is still good.

The way to early, completely unreasonable LAN prediction thread. : RocketLeagueEsports

C9 – EU and at least 2 of the top 3 teams, tell me something new 3: Chiefs might be truly up to par and make a run.

Just get Deevo back up to speed and you have a dominant roster.

New to RL Esports? Cloud9 has beaten G2 like 9 other times. If the bracket sets up like i think it will, which at this point is a long shot, i have.

CLG Mijo pop off pls 2. It surprises me how low people have them rated.