For other linux systems you can find a toolchain in the following link http: Many signals come directly from the OMAP processor, so you can read about the function by looking at the processor data sheet. If you are working in Windows you can use WinSCP to exchange data between the robot and the computer. Instead if you rely on the CodeSourcery toolchain you need to follow these steps:. Personal tools Log in. Welcome to Gumstix

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Communicating with the ground sensor is as easy as open a device and reading from it; a source code example can be found in the following link http: This should return “N ” where is the run level number.

Linux-based COMs gain WiFi AP and BLE functions

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Place the Console-VX board on a flat, static-safe surface, position the Verdex Pro Gumstxi over the board so the white connectors are aligned and gently press down until the connectors are fully mated, i. Anyway you’re encouraged to read all the documentation since you’ll find more detailed explanations.

This is a minimal example of serial communication in python gumsti let the gumstix communicate with the robot; basically it opens a serial connection with the robot and ask the available commands that you can use to get sensors data and change actuators state.

Getting Started

It’s worth notice that with e-puck2, the I2C bus is used also for the communication between the robot and the gumstix to receive sensors and set the actuators ; with e-puck1. Take a look notes on the changes at ivero When using this firmware the body led and front led aren’t usable; the two extra long range proximity sensors mounted on the gumstix extension are also not available with e-puck2. After completing wif tasks below, you will be ready to develop with your new Gumstix COM.


His report is available here.

Don’t attempt anything lvero ifconfig. If you want to set back the bus speed to KHz you need to follow stepsby setting the i2cspeed u-boot environment variable with setenv i2cspeed 3, Refer to section Project building for information on how to build the project for the e-puck firmware.

The application is a Qt project, so the compilation may be handled easily with Qt Creator ; alternatively qmake can be used. Consider the previous example in which we would like to control a led with the gpio70 pin; for this purpose the following instructions must be added in the board configuration file board.

Refers to the section E-Puck Standard firmware for the firmware that need to be uploaded to the robot.

embedded linux – Gumstix Overo wifi drops continously – Stack Overflow

For more information type lsz -h. The circuit diagram of the e-puck extension for Gumstix Overo COM is available to the community on the following link electrical schema.

Calling CRDA to update world regulatory ocero [ For more information refers to the gumstix wiki. The following figures show how the device is mounted on the extension: Gumstix has posted a series of videos that provides an introduction to the features and set up of several Overo configurations.


Overo Wifi

Probably the baudrate isn’t correct; with the robot selector in position 10 you need to configure the baudrate at e. Personal tools Log in. Adam On Thu, Mar 19, gumstid 6: These scripts are intended for primary use with the USB otg port, even if they’re suitable for both ports otg and host.

Can I use bluetooth to connect to the robot? These files must contain instructions to initialize the gpio line that we want to export in user space and set their direction and initial value.

First of all you need to start the server Receiver QT project. The application communicates also with the robot through the serial line to know the camera orientation and rotates the image automatically in case the camera is rotated refer to section e-puck camera for more information on camera orientation.

Simply run the program by issueing. Overl in this firmware a new version of the advanced sercom is included selector position 10 in which the bluetooth communication is replaced by the serial line communication, running at between robot and gumstix. To enable our new service:.

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